Meet your dietitian…

Food brings me joy and I have spent the better part of my life in pursuit of understanding how we eat and prepare foods. Over the years learning to transform food into a meal or translate a nutrition recommendation into a behavior has taught me one thing…food is more than the sum of its parts. Living well is finding the balance between comforting, satisfying foods while continuing to eat in a way that is healthy and sustaining. This is the value that guides my approach.

My professional journey started in 2003 when I received my certificate in culinary arts and later my Master's degree in food and nutrition. I worked to strengthen my knowledge of food preparation as as a line cook in an upscale restaurant, preparing meals and managing a health club cafe and even teaching cooking classes to children. For 10 years I worked as a registered dietitian in hospitals and outpatient settings in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. My experience ranges from work in the intensive care units at Roanoke Memorial Hospital to outpatient counseling at the Community Health Center of NRV and WIC. Most recently I obtained my Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management.


Today I provide individual nutrition counseling and cooking services with this philosophy in mind:

  • Honest, whole foods and fresh cooking feed the body best, but there are no "bad" foods.

  • The how's and why's of eating are complex and a meal or snack can sustain us in many ways, both physically and mentally.

  • Mindfulness can be a powerful tool and using that awareness can help you discover the healthiest you.

  • It is my job, as a dietitian, to meet each client where they are currently. It is necessary to work side by side with my clients to find the tools that work best for them and along the way guide, support, and empower them to reach the goals that they find most important.